Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fruit of the Month Club I

We picked this fellow at the local grocer. The green fingers are pliable, and the pink part is firm to the touch, but not hard like a rind. Any ideas of what this might be?

1) Rambutan
2) Red kiwi
3) Dragon fruit
4) Passion fruit
5) Lychee

Okay, so you might have known that was dragon fruit. But what does it look like inside?

1) Pink, like a watermelon
2) White, with black flecks like a kiwi
3) Yellow, and firm like a mango
4) Green, and pale like a honeydew

Stop to guess, now...

no peeking ahead...

So there you are folks. Bright white, in total contrast to the exotic pink. Tastes kind of like kiwi to me, though not as sweet – which is kind of a let down. But it sure looks cool!


Joanna said...

okay, so i had never seen a dragon fruit outside of taiwan....until miami! and of course, i saw about 2039847182763 other plants in miami i had never seen outside of taiwan, either; the similarities in the two places was rather bizarre.
you know you're supposed to sprinkle lime juice over it before you eat, right?
doesn't make much of a difference in my opinion...dragon fruit tastes like dirty water, period. supposedly, though, it sweetens slightly when it's ripe, but when it's REALLY ripe it's no longer that beautiful red, and the color is more important than the taste.

Venitha said...

I agree that the taste is a letdown, BUT... we actually had dragonfruit that was incredibly flavorful in Hanoi. Just one, mind you, and we tried many after that good one, but it was delicious to discover why anyone would bother to eat them at all.