Thursday, March 8, 2007


The blog recently has been a little short on pictures, so for your viewing pleasure I present some examples of one of Singapore’s signature elements: Really Big Critters. I’m underwhelmed by the insects here - the Florida cockroaches would eat them for lunch - but the other garden creatures are alarmingly huge.

This snail’s shell was literally the size of my fist: to put things in perspective, that’s our garbage-can lid he’s moving across. Imagine coming across that when you’re sleepily throwing out your trash just before bedtime!

Joey came rushing in: “There’s a snail out there!” I said, “So?” He said, “A BIG snail.” Which, in retrospect, was an understatement. We couldn’t resist taking a picture but figured the flash would scare the living daylights out of him.

The next morning, he was gone (the big ones move faster than you’d think!), but we found this lizard. Looks like nothing special, until you realize those are six-inch tiles he’s sitting on.


Anonymous said...

Wait until you go into the rain forest!

LauraS said...

Hey Jenn!!!

Its so great to read all your entries. It sure seems as if you are taking advantage of your adventure living out of the US.
Hope all is well with you. I will email you soon!!! And yes more pictures would be great!

Take care,
Laura S