Friday, January 23, 2009

New Year's, Take 1

Last year, we celebrated our first New Year’s Eve in Singapore by nursing our collective jet lag from the long flight home, so this New Year’s Eve it seemed appropriate to celebrate in somewhat higher style at the Eurasian Association’s black-tie charity ball - thanks once again to the social involvement and charitable instincts of our good friend Monica.

Fortunately, I’d remembered to pick up a dress while in the US, where most people are not a size 0. And back in Singapore, Joey managed to rent a dashing tuxedo from a local tailor, where he was surprised as they immediately started measuring him. Contrary to his fears that they’d try to hard-sell him a suit on the spot, he quickly discovered that they would be altering the tux to fit exactly - none of that “adjustable” nonsense they have in the US.

Suitably turned out, we arrived at the beautiful Marina Mandarin hotel downtown to spend the last hours of the year with some great friends from many cultures and a band from, possibly, America, given the sometimes unique song choices. (You just haven’t lived until you’ve danced with the whole Eurasian Singaporean community to “Sweet Home Alabama.” How, and why, do they know all the words to sing along?)

Midnight came quickly, with the city’s fireworks drowned out by a massive balloon drop. Balloon drops are quiet, you say? Not when the main reason they’re dropped is so people can pop them with their designer stiletto heels. The result dwarfs the sound of a thousand firecrackers.

Sometime after midnight, we slid into our taxi (pre-booked, to send us straight to the head of the queue - we’re the kiasu ones now!) and went home to sleep. Why such an early end to the night, you ask? Because otherwise we never would have woken up by noon the next day, just in time to get to the American Club and watch the ball drop in New York City, at exactly 1 p.m. Singapore time.


Anonymous said...

Great to see you back on-line - and Happy New Year!

Tobey said...

So . . . can we see the pretty dress?

Also, I can't explain the international popularity of "Sweet Home Alabama," but its appeal doesn't seem to be limited to Singapore. Check this out:

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

So nice to have you back. I have been checking your blog regularly. Nice surprise today. Happy New Year.

jillian said...

Hey guys... you just forgot to post a pic of your suitable attire! So glad to hear it was a good time! We miss you and are thinking of you, praying for you guys.
Much love to you!

venitha said...

Ha! I can sooo picture the "Sweet Home Alabama" thing. I'd forgotten the Singaporean penchant for sappy songs from the 70s.