Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mystery Drinks

Heading back to the “town” area of Pulau Ubin, we grabbed a drink at one of the makeshift cafes along the water. “Wow,” said one of our friends, “We’re really not in Singapore anymore! Is that trash along the beach?” But soon the conversation turned, as it often does, to what people around us were eating and drinking.

My favorite was a day-glo green can of something called “Joy Juice,” with an excessively happy-looking guy doing something, we couldn’t quite tell what – falling into a barrel? floating above a barrel? – you gotta wonder what’s in that. Unfortunately, when we actually bought one, it turned out to be some variant of Mello Yello.

And then there was the one, apparently brought from home by a Singaporean and fellow tourist, that we couldn’t even hazard a guess at. Does anyone have any idea what this is? Or, more specifically, what those things are at the bottom?

We’ve seen lychees, rambutans, and pineapple pieces at the bottom of drinks like this, but we’ve never seen these before. They look a bit more like flowers than fruit, but you never know; we just might have a new candidate for our now sadly out-of-date Fruit of the Month.


Anonymous said...

Kickapoo Joy Juice comes from the Al Capp comic strip "Lil' Abner. The two fellows you see are Hairless Joe and Lonesome Polecat. They lived in a cave in Dogpatch where they concocted KJJ ( a local moonshine). KICKAPOO JOY JUICE is a liquor of such stupefying potency that even the hardiest citizens of Dogpatch, after a first burning sip, rise into the air, stiff as frozen codfish. Concocted in a large wooden vat the ingredients are both mysterious and all-encompassing. When the brew needs a little more body, the pair throws one in.

monkey girl said...

I could be wrong but there are teas that look just like that. When you add hot water, the tea flower blooms. As for the "joy juice" I've never been that adventurous to try something that I can't see. Maybe I'd have to pour it in a glass first and then make a decision.

Ben said...

Definetely Chinese Flower tea. Good stuff!

Diah said...

That's chrysanthenum tea.

Meow said...

Second the comment about chrysanthemum tea. I could betcha everything I have. Also, Kickapoo is awesome!