Monday, February 25, 2008

Sumatra Earthquake III

We’ve got to be reasonable; we can’t post a blog entry every time there’s an earthquake nearby, or we’d be up to something like Sumatra Earthquake LVII. So I’ve restrained myself to the times Joey has felt a gentle swaying on the fifth floor of his office building.

Today’s earthquake, a 7.0 off the west coast of Sumatra, was one of those. Joey, who by now can distinguish the difference between vertigo and actual building movement, did not need the radio to tell him there was an earthquake. Our usually lethargic cat spent the whole day trying to climb the rafters. And, typically, I was completely clueless to the geophysical events in my adopted country’s backyard.


Mom said...

I must be getting blase. I read the earthquake story in the news and didn't send you an email. ; )

BB said...

Speaking of gentle swayings ... I swear I felt my office building wave in the wind the other day, although my employee didn't feel a thing. For a minute I thought it was an earthquake, but then I figured someone else would have noticed. Perhaps I'm just unbalanced. :-)