Friday, May 4, 2007

The Price of Petrol

Now that we’re starting to drive around Singapore, our eyes are opened to all sorts of “car-related” necessities. For example, where do we park the car? Where do we wash the car? Which way do we drive the car? (And trust me: this last one is important. Almost all the parking is back-in only.)

What caught my eye today was the price of petrol: S$1.60/liter. At first glance, this looks normal, until you convert the units. Let’s see...there are 3.8 liters in a gallon. So that’s S$6.08/gallon. Converting Singapore dollars to US dollars gives $4.05/gallon.

That’s about 33% more than the $3/gallon that had me cringing in NJ - and that was with a tiny car which, naturally, got terrific gas mileage. No wonder there are so few SUVs here.


Jay said...

We're not far behind back in the states. Regular hit $3.29/gallon at the discount stations yesterday. Premium is $3.99/gallon at some stations!

Cory said...

As for car washing, at my husband's work there were many who would come around and wash our car daily, weekly, etc...for very cheap. I think we paid S$35-40 a month for someone to wash the car everyday Mon-Fri. Crazy, I know but we never had to worry about washing the car.