Thursday, February 15, 2007

When in Rome...

Singapore wants to make sure all entering expats are of only the highest caliber. In addition to making photocopies of college diplomas and ordering high school transcripts (no matter how long ago that was), we suggest preparing in advance with the following Sample Entrance Exam. When in Singapore...

1. What should you do first before walking across the street?
(a) Look left, because they drive on the left.
(b) Look right, because they drive on the right.
(c) Look left, because they drive on the right.
(d) Look right, because they drive on the left.
(e) Walking? In this heat? Hail a taxi, lah.

2. How do you ask the grocer for 0.75 lb of ground beef?
(a) The conversion factor is 2.2, so request 1.65 kg.
(b) The conversion factor is 2.2, so request 0.34 kg.
(c) Pantomine how many fistfuls of meat you want.
(d) Just point to the beef and hope they give you the correct amount.
(e) Give up cooking and go to the hawker center for a $2 bowl of noodles.

3. What do you do with an avocado and a cup of hot chocolate?
(a) Eat the avocado for dinner and drink the chocolate for dessert.
(b) Drink the chocolate and eww! Avocado, yuck!
(c) Make guacamole and a mochaccino.
(d) Blend the avocado and chocolate together for a creamy dessert shake.
(e) Make the creamy dessert shake, but to make it even more Singaporean, add beans.

4. Which of the following is not found at a food court?
(a) chili paste
(b) air-conditioning
(c) fresh fruit juice
(d) napkins
(e) empty seats

5. What behavior on buses or the MRT may result in a fine?
(a) eating or drinking
(b) pushing your way in without letting people out first
(c) forgetting to wear deodorant
(d) sleeping while leaning on the stranger next to you
(e) forgetting to swipe your card not only when you enter but also when you exit

Answers: 1. d, e. 2. b, e. 3. d, e. 4. d, e. 5. a, e.

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PubServ said...

Really, Jenn, it's vital to make all of the responses parallel, no? I seem to remember a copyeditor who shall remain nameless chiding me for my lack of parallelism on a regular basis. By the way, great blog. Hope the Sigapudlians are treating you well.